Decisions and Values

Decisions and Values

Coordinators: Aleksandra Aleksic and Aleksandar Fatic

Most people believe that they make decisions rationally. However, whether this is so, and what is the role of our values in the decision-making process, and what should it be; we talked about the value and decision in the philocafe.
Some of the issues we have dealt with are:

– What is the relationship between decisions and values?

– What is it that leads us to make a certain decision?

– Are decisions made rationally, or based on emotions?

– Where is responsibility in the context of decision-making?

– What is the role of our body reactions in decision-making?

What does it mean to be normal?

Sta znaci biti normalan

Coordinators: Aleksandra Aleksic and Marija Mitrovanov

What does it mean to be „normal“? Why is normality an important factor in our lives, who sets the standards of normality, and what does his or her competence reflect?
At philocafe we dealt with a statistical and normative understanding of normality and we wondered why statistically normal behavior became a social norm of behavior (for example, why is it normal what most people do?).

Some of the issues we have dealt with are:

What is the criteria of normality and how is it established?

Who determines normality?

Is normal, „good“?

What if my normal is not their normal?

What is true love?

filokafe sta je to prava ljubav

Coordinators: Aleksandra Aleksic and Robert Stojilovic


Many people would love to experience „true love“ even though they are not even sure what it really is, or what it means to them. At Filokafe we dealt with the subject of love in partner relationships. We have analyzed the concept of love and what it represents. We discussed the relation of love and feeling in love and we aimed to come to the answer whether or not love comes from feeling in love. What is love when it is love and not „real“ love and whether it is even possible.

Some of the questions we dealt with in filocafe were:

What is love?

When we say we love someone who do we actually love?

Whether true love depends on the intensity of emotions?

Does unconditional love exist?

What is “true” love?



Different faces of loneliness

filokafe o usamljenosti

Coordinators: Aleksandra Aleksic and Aleksandra Bulatovic


People often believe that happiness is being well-loved, experiencing intimacy, belonging and social connections. Loneliness is a condition in which a person feels they are insufficiently connected with others, which causes unhappiness or sadness. It is possible to be surrounded by a large number of people, but still feel isolated.

Some of the questions filocafe covered were:

What is loneliness and how to measure it?

In what way does our surrounding directly affect our individual feeling of loneliness, and in which way is that feeling culturally predetermined?

How loneliness affects personality?

How to approach “managing” loneliness – how to cultivate loneliness?